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Our Team
Pardes Group International and their associates count on over than 3.000 professionals, and services providers into the data-bank of services and goods providers.

Also can count on  over than 600 banks
and over than 5.000 financial institutions registered in our finance suppliers archives.

So, in each project we develop a special team to supply all needs and to achieve the objective and goal in the minor time, low cost and with the maximum efficiency that is possible.
Development Sector
Worldwide team

Each team created to supply the market development have a complete supportive space into the Pardes Group

According our policies, our structure are composed by:


  • International Board

  • Regional Market Board

  • National  Board
  • Local offices

  • Project Management Office
  • Project Representative Office


In each situation a team are created to support the business development and integrates each level to achieve our goals and objectives

Supportive Teams
Expert and support

According our international policies every country need to offer support for their projects, proposals and programs that will developed in their territory.

So, we promotes the integration between international resources, professionals, companies, industry and many offices that have a contract signed with our group.

All services provided into our projects, programs or services, are fully responsible by the hired third party, by their activities, their report and decision.

So, every proposal, have only one team to develops it and each part are responsible, unique and exclusively by their decision, know-how and implement of their deals.


We are focused in success of our and the hired projects, programs and proposals in that we works.

We divided the basic skills for each program that includes:

  • Initiating Process Group

  • Planning Process Group

  • Executing Process Group

  • Monitoring Process Group

  • Controlling Process Group

  • Closing Process Group

The areas in that we are focused

  • Integration  Management

  • Scope Management

  • Schedule Management

  • Cost Management

  • Quality Management

  • Resources Management

  • Communication Management

  • Risk Management

  • Procurement Management

  • Stakeholder Management

One of most important department is the business division, in that we maintain a project board that offer opportunities for suppliers, partners, associated and investors to take advantage in participation in our projects and programs, to help us to complete the project and at same time achieve their own goals and profit into our business platform.

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