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According our governance and internal protocols, rules and policies, the Pardes Group act under contract and authorization of their customers and representing.

We are an expert company in technical and specialist consultant and assistance, and others services provider, promoting the integration of facilities and resources from official institution and market regulated companies, their all players and customers.

We don´t promotes financial origin or final destiny, working like a hired company to provides the network facilities and deals between the international market players in finance, economy and developments.

We can manager non-financial private funds, in name of the owners or in name of approved companies regulated into market through contracted persons, offices or dealers registered and authorized into market that act in name of our client through our integration and services.

To supply the market deals needed to financial operations the Pardes Group hires third party, in legal territory in that are being developed the project, program or proposal, that need be authorized persons, companies or offices to complete the legal, economic and financial  assistance and development of all regulated business in the place, according international rules and local law system.

We do the integration of payment means thought professionals and companies, and or, also financial institution that are regulated and registered into their own territory and market, and  the hired company need be  responsible by all operation according international rules and financial protocols inside the territory and under their own law system, inegrated into international rules for financial services and support.

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